Strengthening Community Colleges Training Grants Program

The Employment and Training Administration/U.S. Department of Labor has announced the availability of approximately $40 million in grant funds authorized by Sections 169(c) of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) for the Strengthening Community Colleges Training Grants program.  If you will be applying for funding, WorkED can help write as well as do evaluations.  Contact us to find out how WorkEd can help!

Key Dates

The closing date for receipt of applications under this Announcement is October 8, 2020. Applications are due no later than 4:00:00 p.m. Eastern Time. On approximately July 28, 2020, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page about the Strengthening Community Colleges Training Grants FOA will be available under the Strengthening Community College program heading at Please check this link frequently for future updates, as additional FAQs may be added. A pre-recorded Prospective Applicant Webinar will be available at the same link on approximately July 28, 2020 and available for viewing any time after that date. While a review of this Webinar is strongly encouraged to support successful grant applications, it is not mandatory.

About Strengthening Community Colleges Training Grants Program

The Strengthening Community Colleges Training Grants program (referred to as Strengthening Community Colleges or SCC) will build the capacity of community colleges to collaborate with employers and the public workforce development system to meet local and regional labor market demand for a skilled workforce. The purpose of this grant is (1) to increase the capacity and responsiveness of community colleges to address the skill development needs of employers and dislocated and unemployed workers, incumbent workers, and new entrants to the workforce; (2) to offer this spectrum of workers and other individuals accelerated career pathways that enable them to gain skills and transition from unemployment to (re)employment quickly; and (3) to address the new challenges associated with the COVID-19 health crisis that necessitate social distancing practices and expanding online and technology-enabled learning and migrating services to a virtual environment.

The Department of Labor will award grants ranging from $1 million to $5 million to community colleges. For the purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), community colleges are institutions of higher education, as defined in Section 101(a) of the Higher Education Act and whose most common degree awarded is an associate degree. A community college, as the lead grantee, will either apply as a single institution or represent a consortium of other institutions of higher education, as defined in Section 101(a) of the Higher Education Act, thus extending the reach of the consortium grants well beyond the lead institutions.

Community colleges applying for this funding may propose applications for a single institution that will undertake capacity building at one institution, or for a consortium of colleges that will undertake capacity building and systems change within one state, or across one or more community college districts within a state. Consortia must also involve at least one state- or district-level entity. Both single institutions and consortia will work with a required workforce development system partner, and required employer partners. SCC grants will help community colleges and other institutions of higher education (including four-year colleges and universities) build capacity and leverage expertise and resources that result in increased access for individuals to acquire industry-recognized in-demand skills long after exhaustion of these grant funds.

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