Providing a unique blend of workforce development and higher education consulting and management services.

Workforce Development Services

Today, everything is about skills and the workforce. Yet, many systems are still mired in the structures and processes of the past. WorkED Consulting is leading the way with system reform and improvement—at the state and local levels. We also offer a new approach to one-stop operations and career pathways development—and can help with the challenge of developing a common mission and understanding between local workforce providers and training organizations, such as community colleges.

Business and Employer Engagement

WorkED Consulting’s business and employer engagement model is like none other—utilizing a dynamic approach to working with employers, WorkED Consulting can help ensure education and training programs are aligned with employer hiring and recruitment practices.

Reentry and Employment

Justice reform is shining a spotlight on the need for new approaches to helping incarcerated individuals reintegrate successfully into society. Critical to this goal is employment and innovative approaches to working with individuals returning to their communities.

Project Management

WorkED Consulting can provide either short-term or ongoing project management services. We help clients implement projects and mitigate delays that cause problems later in the project life cycle, and we also help close out or transition to new leadership after the project has matured.

Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

WorkED Consulting takes a dynamic approach to helping organizations improve, utilizing qualitative and quantitative data. We don’t just crunch numbers; we utilize continuous improvement and communication to assist clients identify “what works” so successful customer approaches and interventions can be captured and sustained.

Branding and Marketing

WorkED Consulting develops branding initiatives targeted specifically for workforce development organizations and integrates branding with policy and program priorities.

Grant Development and Writing

While we have written over $100 million in successful grants, just writing a grant is not enough. WorkED Consulting helps clients develop projects that lead to funding–projects aligned to federal and state policy goals; projects that can be implemented and operated with fidelity; and projects that ultimately lead to sustainable programs, policies, and processes well after the grant funding ends.

Need Help?

Feeling stressed?  Need a short-term solution or longer-term systems change? Contact us now! WorkED Consulting is known for its customer service and helping clients with urgent or immediate needs. Sometimes, we even answer your questions while you are waiting to hear back from the Feds.  (Pssst, we can even answer questions for you, so you don’t have to ask the Feds…)

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