Follow-Up on DOL Apprenticeship Grant Webinars

Thank you for joining the NIMS-WorkED Scaling Apprenticeships Through Sector-Based Strategies Webinars on Monday, August 13 and Tuesday, August 14. Please click here for a copy of the NIMS WorkED Webinar Scaling Apprenticeships Presentation and use this link to access the full Webinar Recording.

We hope that the presentation was informative and we are looking forward to connecting with those institutions looking to develop competitive proposals.

The NIMS-WorkED team is ready to help you compete by helping you with:

  • Apprenticeship Outreach and Technical Assistance
  • Implementing a new Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Model (NOT limited to NIMS certifications and advanced manufacturing)
  • Project Development and Grant Writing

We realize many of you posted questions in the Q&A box that could not be addressed during the duration of the presentation. The NIMS/WorkEd team will develop an FAQ document that will address the most common questions. We will share the FAQs with all the attendees in the next few weeks.

Please reach out to the contacts below to set up follow-up calls if you are interested in learning more.

DINA IGOE 703.278.2163
[email protected]

MASON BISHOP 703.272.7990
[email protected]